Cafes vs McDonalds

Posted by Richard Loffhagen on 6 August 2012

I've just heard Claire Turnbull (Healthy Food Guide nutritionist) on Afternoons with Jim Mora (Radio NZ National) say that cafe food, I think her words were "with all those square plates and fancy cakes",  were just as bad as McDonalds, and by "McDonalds" I presume she meant that type of fast food. This initially sent me into a state of severe apoplexy, I was dipping my quill into poison ink before I knew what I was doing, ready to send a missive so nasty that it would've been hours before I regretted it. I always regret nasty letters, as surely as I regret Facebook status updates posted after the top's of the Sauvignon Blanc!

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Gluten-free pastry

Posted by Richard Loffhagen on 5 August 2012

We've been playing around with gluten-free flour, trying to make a pastry that you wouldn't know was gluten-free. This is actually one of our philosophies about special diets - we want carnivores to love our vegetarian options, and would love to use as many gluten-free options as we can for everyone to enjoy. 

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What's an RSS feed?

Posted by Richard Loffhagen on 21 July 2012

You'll see to the right a number of RSS feeds, linking to two other food blogs. RSS feeds are a way of delivering ever-changing web content (like blogs) to whoever wants it. It's a simple way to keep up with (in this instance) food bloggers ideas, recipes and photos.

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Why a blog?

Posted by Richard Loffhagen on 19 July 2012

Why a blog? What can we say here that we can't say in the rest of the website? Well, nothing really, but it does keep things nice and simple!

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