Cafes vs McDonalds

Posted by Richard Loffhagen on 6 August 2012

I've just heard Claire Turnbull (Healthy Food Guide nutritionist) on Afternoons with Jim Mora (Radio NZ National) say that cafe food, I think her words were "with all those square plates and fancy cakes",  were just as bad as McDonalds, and by "McDonalds" I presume she meant that type of fast food. This initially sent me into a state of severe apoplexy, I was dipping my quill into poison ink before I knew what I was doing, ready to send a missive so nasty that it would've been hours before I regretted it. I always regret nasty letters, as surely as I regret Facebook status updates posted after the top's of the Sauvignon Blanc!

But is she right? The more I think about it, she just may be, and if so, we cafe owners need to be vigilant. Sure, we don't have the power of advertising that McDonalds has. I can't even afford to go to the Olympics, let alone sponsor the whole shootin' box, and then not go to events I've been given tickets to. We can't let this truth gain currency! Lets not be hypocritical, blaming fast food restaurants for childhood obesity, then serve up hundreds of calories per muffin. Your thoughts?

Thanks for reading.