Gluten-free pastry

Posted by Richard Loffhagen on 5 August 2012

We've been playing around with gluten-free flour, trying to make a pastry that you wouldn't know was gluten-free. This is actually one of our philosophies about special diets - we want carnivores to love our vegetarian options, and would love to use as many gluten-free options as we can for everyone to enjoy. 

We think we've perfected an easy, gluten-free pastry that can be used as a base for savoury tarts, either baked blind and filled, or filled with a wet savoury mixture of your choosing, and also as a great base for quiche.

The recipe is very easy, and the quantities can easily be halved or doubled. If you feel the pastry is too wet, continue to add flour at the end until correct. If it feels too dry, add a little water, but make that decision while you're mixing, rather than leaving it until the end.


4 cups gluten-free flour (we use Bakels brand), 2 tsp salt, 200 gms melted butter, water.

In a bowl, mix gf flour and salt. Stir in the melted butter. With normal flour we mix this to a breadcrumb-style texture, but this isn't as easy with gf flour, so just mix in as well as you can. Add about 1/2 to 3/4 c cold water, and mix in until a nice pastry is formed. Leave to rest 10 minutes.

Be careful when you line the quiche tins (loose bottom) as fingernails will put holes in the pastry, although these are easily fixed by adding a spot of spare pastry, or by pressing the pastry together. You can fill the quiche with nearly anything you like, sprinkle a little grated cheese, and fill with a cream and egg mixture (3 eggs, s&p, 2 cups cream = 6 quiche) ENJOY

Thanks for reading