Intermittent fasting - the early verdict

Posted by Richard Loffhagen on 3 July 2013

This is a little private, but thought I'd share. After watching Dr Michael Mosley's Horizon documentary, summarised in this youtube video about the increasingly popular 5:2 diet, or intermittent fasting diet, I decided to give it a go. How it works (at least for me) is that for 5 days a week I eat and drink completely normally, and on two days , namely Monday and Thursday, I restrict my intake to around 600 calories. My 600 calories are usually made up of an egg or small muesli and fruit for breakfast, and then nothing (apart from a coffee) to eat until a healthy (lots of salad/veges included) dinner. No wine on these two days, which makes a nice change. In 5 weeks I've lost 7.6 kgs (99.9 >>>92.3) and an impressive 10cm from my waist. It's so much fun using long-since abandoned holes in my belts. I look better, I feel better, I tend to eat better even on by 5 days of eating normally. In short, I can see this being a way of life. I'll report back in another 5 weeks. Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: 10 weeks in, weight loss has slowed to a far more sustainable level, currently 88.1 kgs, in total lost 11.8 kgs.

UPDATE: 15 weeks in.This just gets easier. Initially I wasn't talking about this to anyone, but now I can see it can really help, and is an unbelievably "easy" way to change your life. I'm getting some blood test results next week which will make interesting reading, and I'll be quite happy to share the results. As far as weight loss goes, I'm currently dropping on average 200-400gms per week, a nice steady amount. Current weight is 85.9kgs, a total drop of 14 kgs in 15 weeks, and a whopping 17 cms from my waist.

UPDATE: 20 weeks gone. My weight's down to 83.8kgs (that's over 16kgs lost), and my waistline has shrunk a massive 19 cms. We've realised that this (or a modified version) will be something we'll be doing forever - it's easy, the fast days are becoming enjoyable, and we've realised that hunger is a very temporary feeling. The only exercise we're really doing is (hill) walking, and it's amazing how easy that's become when we're not carrying excess baggage. Big thrill the other day - I had to go shopping! A few shirts (M, not 2XL) and trousers (88 or 92, not 107). If anyone's considering trying this, the only thing I'd recommend is doing it with a buddy (hopefully, one that lives with you) at least initially - it's been a big help having two of us doing this. See you in 5 weeks.