Let's help Sumner restaurants

Posted by Richard on 18 July 2013

While reading The Press this morning, this story grabbed me. It seems that Sumner is going to be cut off overnight for a week very soon. Not to much to worry about? Well, there is if you own a restaurant that relies on people being able to dine at their leisure, and have some sort of guarantee that they'll be able to get home afterwards. Understandably, the restaurants in Sumner are worried that people just won't bother to go over from the city during this week, and their livelihood will be badly affected.

The plan! How about as many of us as possible plan to visit one of the Sumner restaurants during the week of July 28 - August 2, perhaps to visit a restaurant you've heard about and been meaning to go to, or one of your favourites, and make a slight adjustment to the time we dine to ensure we're back on the road into town by 8:30. It won't be much of an inconvenience, but I'm sure it'll mean a lot to seaside restaurateurs.

Let's all continue to help each other. Thanks for reading.