What's an RSS feed?

Posted by Richard Loffhagen on 21 July 2012

You'll see to the right a number of RSS feeds, linking to two other food blogs. RSS feeds are a way of delivering ever-changing web content (like blogs) to whoever wants it. It's a simple way to keep up with (in this instance) food bloggers ideas, recipes and photos.

But why these two? My favourite two food blogs are Casual Kitchen and Smitten Kitchen. Casual Kitchen's resident blogger, Daniel Koontz, is one of life's food-thinkers. He looks at food in very thought-provoking ways, and while making up his own mind, is very interactive with his readers in discussing the take that they may have on issues. From allergies to advertising, calories to cookware, Dan makes good reading. SK's Deb Perelman's blog is recipe based, and her photography is really superb - it's the sort of blog that you start meandering through, and before you know it an hour and your daily data allowance are both gone.

Thanks for reading.