Special Dietary Needs


We're being asked more and more to personalise some of our catering, at any time of the day, to cater for different dietary requirements. This is something we take very seriously, and are happy to do at no extra cost. We do like as much notice as possible to ensure we do this as well as we can, but we realise that this isn't always possible, and will certainly do our very best with the shortest lead-in time.

Our default position is that we'll package individually any special dietaries, well-labelled, to avoid cross-contamination. However, some clients don't like being singled out for special attention, so will label items on the platters, and do our best to separate them as much as possible from other foods. We're also very happy to label with names, rather than diets, to avoid any embarrassment.


low-FODMAP diet: we utilise the Monash University FODMAP app to guide us

all others: if you or your clients have any requests, please let us know, it will almost certainly be fine. All of our food is made on-site, so it's easy for us to personalise.





Customer Comments

Thank you so much for the amazing food! The parents and staff were so impressed (students too). It was honestly perfect - thank...